First Internal Club Tournament Norwich

On Sunday the 10th March 2019 the players of the Norwich Pickleball Club met at the Wensum Sport Center for their first Internal Club Tournament.

We could watch some really challenging and exciting games even the concept to mix all the levels did not suit everybody’s idea of a tournament. Some players did so well until the Quarterfinals, but lost their last game and couldn’t make it to the Semi. All advanced players will get a new chance to show us their skills in a tournament with set pairs and using a single elimination system. We are still in a learning process and tried to bring all players of the club closer together to give everybody a chance to compete with the more advanced players.

The overall feedback was positive and most of the players enjoyed the games and the afternoon.

Congratulations to JoJo and Dee Westgarth, they almost made it to the final but got beaten in an exciting match by Alan McEwen and Razel Rosswinkel (10:12). IMG_4934

We had the chance to watch a very tight final, 3 games to 11 between Ivan Elgood/Nick Spacey and Razel Rosswinkel/Alan McEwen. Razel and Alan could take the first game home, but Ivan and Nick made clear in the last two games who would win the trophy.



Pickleball Jeff could hand out the trophies and medals to the proud winners and Runner Up’s. Due to the donation of Jeff (East Anglia Pickleball Development) every player received a nice medal as a memory of a great Pickleball afternoon at Wensum Sport Center.



Inter Club Tournament Norwich – Ipswich

On Sunday the 27th January 2019, the team of Norwich Pickleball Club could welcome the first time the team of Ipswich in Norwich at the Wensum Sport Centre for an Inter Club Tournament. In total we played 32 games and could defeat the trophy winning by 21-11 games. A special thanks goes to Megan, Alan and their team for organising the lovely sandwiches, tea and coffee and to Sue for arranging her team from Ipswich.


On Sunday 3rd June, 2018 members of Norwich and Gorleston Pickleball Clubs met in Gorleston for an inter club tournament.  There were some excellent matches to watch before Norwich regained the trophy with a 12 – 8 win.  Congratulations to all those taking part and to Ivan for arranging the match.

Seven players from Norwich Pickleball entered the International Finland Pickleball championships (10th to 11th June 2017), held in Espoo, a suburb of Helsinki.  It was very well organised, with a great atmosphere, and we really enjoyed ourselves.  The Pros were approachable and helpful and their exhibition games fun, as well as instructional.  One of our members came home with a bronze medal.  Congratulations, Jeff!

We are standing under the Norfolk flag!
Jeff van der Hulst and Mike Daly (SLAP)receiving their medals in Men’s 3.5.

1st UK International Open Tournament, Stratford-upon-Avon, 21-23 October 2016


Norwich Pickleball Club NR1 was well represented at the 1st ever UK International Pickleball open in Stratford upon Avon on 21st to 23rd October with 8 players.

The tournament hosted a referee work shop on Friday morning and a singles competition was played in the afternoon where Dennis and Jeff took part in, groups were separated in 3 categories, the below 40’s the 4o+ to 61 and 61+. No medals were won here but it was a good experience.

Saturday morning was the ladies doubles, Margaret with Lin and Pam with Fely and mens doubles Chris paired with David and Dennis with Jeff, the morning session was set out as getting some games in to rate the strength of the age group categories and in the afternoon the double elimination stages took place till late in the night.

On Sunday the results from Saturday were revealed which took us by surprise, first one was Bronze was achieved in the 61+ ladies doubles by Margaret and Linml

and then a second surprise was Bronze in the men 61+ category Chris and

I say surprise because we were having a lovely dinner as a group in the pub on Saturday night, so no one knew exactly what all the results were at the end of the day so well done

On Sunday the following pairs were put together Chris with Lin, David with Pam, Margaret with Dennis and Fely with Jeff. We all had aimed to be finished by 5pm on the Sunday which was far fetched, medals might have been picked up but without a clear indication when the next game would be Team Norfolk hit the road by 17:20 for a 3 hour drive, with Fely and Jeff leaving 90mins later as their last game came up at 18:15.

I think participating in these tournaments is a fantastic learning experience as you learn about your own game and from others, it is a great social event as well plus volunteering with refereeing is another learning curve.

So fancy participating at a tournament then stay tuned as there will be a few lined up for next year.

(Jeff van der Hulst)


Some of our members also participated in the International Tournament in Amsterdam on 28th and 29th May 2016 and the First UK Tournament in Abingdon on 30th April and 1st May 2016.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the games we played but alas have no medals or photos.


The latest newsletter sent to members by Roger, the club chairman, is reproduced below:

Norwich Pickleball Club Newsletter 2016 (Issue1) 2 February 2016

I recently took over as Chairman of Norwich Pickleball Club and thought you might like news of some of the things happening within the club.

You may have seen the excellent coverage we had in the Eastern Daily Press and Evening News recently. There were a lot of hits on our website within 24 hours and we hope this will lead to some new members. Well done to Megan for making this happen. I also featured on local radio explaining what Pickleball is and where to get more information on both the sport and our own club.

The club has arranged a match against Gorleston Pickleball Club (away) for Sunday 21st February and this will give us an opportunity to judge ourselves against another club, though it may prove a challenge, as they have been running for 2 years longer than we have.  A return home fixture will be arranged for the spring.

There is a one-day Pickleball tournament near Oxford in late April or early May and some players from the club have expressed an interest, although we are still awaiting the precise details.  Four of our players will also represent the Club at the International Tournament in Amsterdam at the end of May. Such tournaments will be helpful in building contacts within UK Pickleball for future matches, developing our skills and improving our knowledge of both the game and of refereeing.

At the recent AGM, we set the membership fee at £6 per annum payable on 1st January (proportionate for those joining during the year) which is designed to simply cover the small costs we incur, such as equipment, instructional DVD’s/books and occasional shortfalls on court fees.  The court fees at Wensum Sports Centre have been set to break even over the year, with a £1 discount for club members on a Sunday. We hope to extend the discount to a Tuesday as soon as we have sufficient regular players to cover the cost.  Any excess funds will be used for the benefit of members.

The sessions at Wensum Sports Centre each last 2 hours and are on:

Sunday 4.30 pm . Court fees £4.00 for non members and £3.00 for members. Paddle hire £0.50 non members only.

Tuesday 7.30 pm. Court fees £4.00 for both members and non members but see earlier comments in the third paragraph regarding bringing fees into line with Sunday sessions. Paddle hire £0.50 non members only.

Application forms for membership of Norwich Pickleball Club are available from any of the committee as below but otherwise e- mail:

Chairman:   Roger Harrison

Secretary:   Megan David

Treasurer:   Lin Pledger

Committee: Margaret Loveday

Brian Hurley

Alan David

Alan and Megan bought a few additional paddles when they were in Florida, some new and some second hand. These are available to buy at cost price and if you are interested speak to either of them about these.

We hope to progress things over the course of 2016 and your suggestions are always welcome.



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