Intermediate Players’ Corner

Skills Rating

At present you cannot have your skill level officially assessed in the UK, so you have to estimate your level and compare yourself with other players, for example in tournaments.  To help you work out your skill level, the rating descriptions from The Villages in Florida are appended below, courtesy of June Walker, Instructor.  The Villages run a rating scheme where 4 players of a similar level are assessed by two assessors.  At the start of the session players do the drills below and afterwards play a game, during which their court positioning, tactics and ball skills are also assessed.  A consistent level of 85% of the description will show they have mastered each particular element.


  1. Straight Dinks
  2. Diagonal Dinks
  3. Volley-Volley
  4. Ground Strokes
  5. Swing Volleys
  6. 3rd Drop Shot
  7. Topspin Return of a Drop Shot
  8. Lob
  9. Overhead
  10. Serve
  11. Serve Return
  12. Movement
  13. Game Analysis
  14. Player Rating Descriptions and Rating Form.  
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