Constitution of Club


Name of club:Norwich Pickleball Club

1. Name

1.1 The name of the Club shall be, Norwich Pickleball Club hereafter referred to as the Club.

2. Membership

2.2 Membership of the Club shall be open to all those who are eligible according to Club rules

2.3 The Club shall have at least four members.

2.4 All members are required to pay a membership fee for the year.

3. Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Club shall be:

3.2 To organise meetings / games

3.3 To encourage people to play pickleball and similar sports.

4. Committee

4.1 The Club shall have a committee consisting of at least the following:

a) Chairperson

b) Secretary .

Up to three others elected from the membership

4.2 The role of the committee is to manage all aspects of the Club’s administration

4.3 The committee may invite persons to attend any of its meetings as a participant without the power to vote.

4.4 Any vacancy within the committee shall be filled from the ordinary membership by the committee until the next AGM.

4.5 No member of the committee or any of the ordinary membership shall receive remuneration from the committee in money or monies worth with the exception of out of pocket expenses.

4.6 The committee will meet at least three times per year.

4.7 The chair shall have the power to call special meetings open to all members. The chair should call a special meeting at the request of not less than two committee members or not less than 40% of the ordinary membership.

5 Annual General Meetings (AGM)

5.1 The committee shall convene AGMs not more than 15 months after the previous AGM.

5.2 The committee shall give not less than 21 days’ notice in writing of the AGM

5.3 At the AGM the ordinary members shall elect a Committee to hold office until the following AGM.

5.4 The existing chair, officers and honorary officers of the committee shall hold office until the conclusion of the AGM

6. Rules of Procedure

6.1 QUORUM: a minimum of three committee members shall form a quorum at committee meetings and a minimum of three committee members and two ordinary members shall form a quorum at AGM

6.2 VOTING: every matter, except where this constitution provides otherwise, shall be determined by a majority of members present and voting. In the case of equal votes the chair of the meeting shall have the casting vote.

6.3 MINUTES: a minute of all meetings including sub-committees shall be kept and formally adopted and made available to the membership upon request.

7. Finance

7.1 The financial year shall run from 1st October to the 30th September the following year.

7.2 The treasurer shall keep accounts of the monies, with an annual audit by an independent financial . (When deemed necessary by the committee.)

7.3 The treasurer will also share financial information with any member of the committee upon request.

7.4 All monies raised shall further the interest of the club.

7.5 All deeds, cheques, bills of exchange etc. shall have two signatories from the committee.

7.6 The Club may make charitable donations following a unanimous vote by the committee and as long as 20% of the membership do not object to the donation.

8. Alterations to the Constitution

8.1 Any proposed alterations to this constitution shall receive the assent of no less than two-thirds of the members present and voting at an AGM or special meeting. Provided that the secretary has received such notice of any alteration in writing no less than 21 clear days before the meeting at which the alteration is proposed.

9. Dissolution

9.1 The Club may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a majority of members present and voting at a special meeting convened for the purpose.

9.2 Any assets remaining after the settling of any debts and liabilities shall be applied towards charitable bodies within Norfolk, which have similar aims to those of the committee. Such charitable bodies to be decided and approved by the aforesaid majority.

We certify that this is a current copy of the constitution of Norwich Pickleball Club, which was adopted at an AGM held at The UEA on 1st October 2014.

Amended at the AGM 12th February 2017.

Rule 7.6 added following AGM on 28th January 2018.

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