Norwich Pickleball Club

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Pickleball is a fun racquet sport, which combines elements of tennis, table tennis and badminton, and is fairly new to the UK. Norwich Pickleball Club was founded in October 2014.

We play on a badminton court, with a paddle, which is a bit like a large table tennis bat, and a whiffle ball (with holes in it).  It’s a fun game for all abilities.

A new player can have fun and experience long rallies as soon as they start to play.  Players with racquet-sport experience will find their skills transfer immediately, so if you have played tennis or badminton and want to try something new, you will love it.

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9 thoughts on “Norwich Pickleball Club

  1. Hi I have experienced the game of pickle ball on holiday in Nevada and would love to play in Norwich. I have managed 4 games and totally absorbed by the experience. I am 55 years old. Can I join a club?

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    1. Come to Wensum Sports on a Tuesday evening or Sunday late afternoon – see Play With Us page. First session is free. Good idea to email first as very occasionaly Wensum Sports Hall is unavailable.


      1. Hi Sue thank you for your reply and I pretty excited to have the opportunity to play in Norwich. I return from a month in Vegas next week where I have experienced the game. I tried to buy a racquet out here but they were sold out. I am told it is the fastest growing game in USA. Where did you buy your equipment?

        Hope to meet you on court soon Mark


  2. Our club has paddles you can use and a few to buy, mostly brought back from the US. Some of us bought ours on line from a UK pickleball site. We can talk about it when you visit.


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